Should the electronic cigarette be banned to minors? Part Two

The National Assembly is to prohibit sales to minors in the name of the long-term consequences uncertain and especially an “incentive ” to dismantle yet complex potential effect. Similarly , the government should limit its advertising, and prohibit its use in the public space. It is in the spirit of the legislature to regulate access and to protect young people and non-smokers.

The e-cigarette joins products such as tobacco, alcohol or certain products classified X.

The terms of this regulation question the coherence of public policy. On what the e-cigarette is it forbidden to teenagers? Because it MAY contain nicotine, such as nicotine replacement counter to minors over 15 years ? Because gestures, attitudes vapoteur would be too close to that of smoking and trivialize the behavior in the minds of teenagers, without any of this has been proven?

What is the advantage to prohibit access to youth already smoking since the e-cigarette is an aid to the tobacco leaves? And nicotine , tar or carbon monoxide is most harmful? Difficult to understand against what the government fights: the rising price of tobacco has been announced is more limited than expected and lower than desired by specialists, giving believe that the major risk is not in tobacco …

Is a high risk of seeming to want to discard a problem, more than protecting adolescents. Prohibiting this practice , it is as if lawmakers used a sort of principle of “precautionary” policy , as well as removing the use of their responsibility through the magic of the forbidden.

Should the electronic cigarette be banned to minors?

The e-cigarette is like smoke it replaces, making movements, convolutions show difficulty thinking the question of uses and addictions. In Europe, different countries, once will not hurt , moving in the greatest disorder, one that prohibits all trade to those who allow a wider dissemination. In France, it is viewed with suspicion by the legislature, while the number of users continues to grow ! Nicolas Bonnet, Director of RESPADD in the future work of the World No Tobacco Day it organized, highlights these contradictions.

They also insist that taking nicotine that is much nicer way than as substitutes (patch , gum , etc. . ) And therefore probably at least as effective in smoking cessation. They communicate the interest of this product, going – beyond a reduction effect of risk recognized by the recent report Dautzenberg – evoke an effect ” helps stop” which however seems to stay in the middle of other strategies.

On the other hand, opponents argue that the safety of inhaled substances in electronic cigarettes has not yet been demonstrated. They prefer to recommend nicotine replacement which allowed , with the status of the drug, have the advantage of being subjected to stringent production procedures and evaluation. They point out that if the cancer is tobacco for “later” but almost certainly, the lack of perspective that are available on the e-cigarette that no one knows what it is to protect themselves.

As written JY Nau “its use significantly reduces the major health risks associated with the inhalation of tar and smoke tobacco . Nothing allows the inverse to say with certainty that the use of the “product” is completely devoid of risk”.

A tool for risk reduction and support behavior change

While the fight against tobacco is stopped in France since 2004, the average number of cigarettes smoked per adult per day stagnates ( around 3), and the budget minister has canceled the increase tobacco prices which should have taken place in early October, the massive diffusion of e -cig could overturn the deal.

In the first half of 2013, sales of cigarettes are divided down, down 8% compared to the first half of 2012. Observers see it as a possible decrease myocardial (7 million deaths each year under his belt, according to WHO) , lung cancer , stroke and chronic bronchitis …

Classify the e-cig as drug as proposed by the European Commission could harm easy access and therefore its effect on the reduction of risks associated with tobacco. Buy an electronic cigarette certified quality should be as simple as buying a pack of cigarettes or tobacco. And understand what makes the efficiency of e-cig would be essential before legislating. Is the substance contained in the reservoir, as in medicine, is to correct what needs to be? Or is it being able to continue a behavior in a less harmful form prevails, as often in risk reduction , then opening a possible motivation to go further?

Internet is one possible solution where you could buy the needed equipment for using e-cigarettes.

However, it is necessary to introduce a minimum standard of quality for consumer protection. The Collective actors of the electronic cigarette (CACE ), which comprises 75% of cigarette sellers , reacting to the threat of the European Parliament , did not make a mistake : “The e-cigarette does not fit or in drug case or in the tobacco case . For this reason , we propose a specific regulation that ensures the quality and information vapours.